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Product Overview

Product Overview

Welcome to BBO Treasury, our up to date and easy to use Business Banking Online system.

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Dashboard and General Navigation

Learn how to customize the Dashboard, view alerts, approvals, and messages, edit navigation menus, and access the system tools.

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Accounts (2 Videos)


Learn how to access your account information, your Current Day account activity and your Prior Day account activity.

Transaction Search

Learn how to perform a transaction search.

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Payments (3 Videos)

Recipients (ACH and Wire)

Learn how to access the Master Recipient List, create a domestic ACH recipient, and create a wire recipient.


Learn how to create and approve an ACH template, create an ACH payment from a template and approve an ACH payment.

Import Recipients

Learn how to create an import profile and import an ACH NACHA file to populate recipients in a template.

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Transfers and Loan Payments

Learn how to create a single transfer, create a one-to-many loan payment, and create a single loan payment.

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Check Services

Check Services

Learn how to create a stop payment, cancel a stop payment and perform a check inquiry.

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Reports (2 Videos)

Reports and Special Reports

Learn how to access the Reports service, generate and customize a Prior Day report, and view a special report.

Export Profiles

Learn how to access export profiles, create an export profile, and view export history.

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Administration (2 Videos)

User Administration

Learn how to create a new user, manage users, reset a user’s password, and pause a user’s access.

User Administration - ACH and Wires Permissions

Learn how to add ACH and Wire permissions to an existing user.